Hiring Partners

Thank you for your interest in becoming a hiring partner with the Athena Pathways project.
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Athena Pathways has partnered with the Mitacs Accelerate program. By becoming an Athena Pathways Hiring Partner, BC companies will gain access to the diverse and skilled talent they need, while also benefiting from funding through Mitacs Accelerate. Learn more at https://www.mitacs.ca/en/programs/accelerate

Become an Athena Pathways Hiring Partner

How It Works

Hiring partners with the Athena Pathways project, a consortium of 12 partners ("Athena"), are required to agree to the following terms to participate.

As a hiring partner, you may post a job on the Athena job board, currently at no charge, and we will provide you with applications from applicants who have applied for your job. You do not make any commitment to hire any applicants in this program and you can have any applicants go through your regular hiring process after we introduce them to you. Upon agreeing to be a hiring partner, we will list your logo and name on our website as a hiring partner. The expectation is that hiring partners will promote Athena in their marketing channels such as social media. If possible, we request that you also indicate on your Careers page that you are an Athena hiring partner (we can provide you with the Athena logo if you wish to use it for this purpose). You may withdraw from being a hiring partner at any time by emailing us.

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