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Athena Pathways is aimed to help women in finding a course, workshop, internship, mentorship or other workplace opportunities to open a path into a potential career in Artificial Intelligence or Data Science. We have a goal of enrolling 500 more women into AI by 2021

Attention women looking to get into a career in AI: we have the right solution for you!

We have partnered with several academic institutions to offer you new courses and workshops in artificial intelligence as well as scholarships. We are also working with various companies in multiple industries to offer you internships, mentorships and other workplace opportunities. 

Are you a high school student, undergraduate student, graduate student, or young professional looking to pursue a career in AI? Please choose one of the following to explore the option that best applies to you

Why consider a career in AI?

Artificial intelligence is increasingly growing within multiple industries which has created a demand for an increase in trained professionals. AI is changing the future of work and becoming increasingly prevalent in our lives. The rise of AI is altering the workplace and is expected to drive significant innovation across various industries. Join the rise of technology by starting a career in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and more!

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