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About Us

We are an early-stage technology-driven company based in Vancouver Canada. Tellext is on a mission to make the world a safer place by offering products and services based on AI, robotic, and self-driving technologies. Our core values are excellence, integrity, innovation, clarity, and accountability formed the background of Tellext as a happy, high-achieving, and focused organization.

The Opportunity

Tellext is currently looking for a part-time AI Engineer with experience in robotics to fulfill a key role in our growing company. We are looking for ambitious individuals who have a passion for robotics and are eager to learn and help the team deliver AI driven robots. This position will provide you with an exciting opportunity to work as part of an ambitious and growing team, allow you to work with state of the art robotic hardware and software.


  • Work with the rest of our team to develop AI within our two MVPs
  • Research and development on advanced computer graphics / computer vision / machine learning / deep learning algorithms, with the final goal of landing these algorithms into prototype systems or products.
  • Review, extend and optimize SOTA algorithms on 3D computer vision and graphics algorithms, including but not limited to: 3D reconstruction and content creation (humans, objects and scenes), 3D geometry processing, 3D character animation, texture mapping and rendering.
  • Energetic, self-motivated and excellent communication skills.


  • minimum of BS/MS in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning or Computer Vision
  • Ability to scope and schedule deliverables independently, and be accountable for performance and delivery.
  • 1+ years professional experience in AI engineering
  • Experience with at least one 3D processing library (such as Open3D, trimesh, or libigl, etc.).
  • Programming skills with Python and Java, C/C++ or Go
  • Deploying products on AWS or GCP or Azure

Nice to Have

  • Mechatronics experience
  • Experience with training and applying machine learning models into applications: Tensorflow, Caffe, Pytorch, Junyper, and Scikit-learn.
  • Experience in developing desktop or web GUI tools for 3D graphics applications.
  • Experience in 3D tools/engines: Blender and Unity, etc.
  • Experience in multi-core programming and implementing multi-threaded applications

How to Apply

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