Senior Software Engineer - Data Platform Engineer

Full Time

Prenuvo Inc. (dba Voxelwise Imaging Technologies Inc.)


We are looking for a high-calibre, driven, technically-skilled software engineer to join what we expect to be the most rewarding role in your career. Prenuvo is literally transforming and reshaping preventative health by rolling out a data/ML heavy advanced MRI based screen that catches cancer at stage 1 and 400+ other diseases. 

Every week in your job you will be saving lives as you help our team build out infrastructure to process medical images and ML/CV algorithms at scale, prepare and generate insights from data, and develop APIs for 3rd-party integration.

Why we need you

  • The passion and energy you bring to teams is infectious while you see challenges as opportunities and opportunities for personal, professional and team growth. 
  • We look for a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field, equivalent experience, or evidence of exceptional ability to help elevate the team. 
  • You’ve honed your skills over the last 4+ years solving technical challenges with your strong command of back-end tech stack (primarily python), strong proficiency in databases, and framework such as Flask/FastAPI.
  • You have production experience with ML pipelines, frameworks such as Airflow/Metaflow, and distributed event-based processing (Kafka or similar).
  • Your bias toward action has kept teams moving forward as has your ability to “GSD” without sacrificing quality by leveraging judgment to ship fast while building products in a sustainable, responsible way.

What’s in it for you

  • You’ll be part of a close-knit team that’s purpose is to solve complex problems in creative ways.
  • Work in an environment where it is safe to experiment, challenge yourself and others, fail, and learn.
  • Build systems and products that make a meaningful impact on the lives of people and their health. 
  • Get a competitive salary with an equity stake
  • Extended health benefits including comprehensive body scans.

We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help build a future where everyone can contribute and help bring amazing technology to millions of people. If you have the curiosity, passion, and collaborative spirit, work with us, and let's move the world forward, together.

The position is based out of Vancouver, BC. Most of the team is working remotely these days. Local candidates are strongly preferred.

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